Welcome to my website about cubing. From algorithms to tips to useful advice, you'll see it all here. Here's a bit about me. I'm from the UK, and have been cubing since August 2011. A cubing craze swept my school, and I couldn't help getting involved. So, I got a cube and learnt the beginner's method. I kept with that until I averaged around 1:30. Then, I learnt 4LLL. Then, F2L. And then before I knew it, I was averaging 25 seconds. I kept with CFOP with nearly full PLL, for around 4-5 months, and then I found myself not improving as fast as I thought I would. And so I decided to make the jump and switch to ZZ. And with a couple of months of practice, I found myself breaking the 20 second barrier. I've always thought that ZZ is an under-rated method, and I enjoy the higher freedom with block building as opposed to traditional F2L. In 2014-15 I stopped taking speedcubing as seriously as I did before, and focused more on playing chess. Chess has become my main hobby for now, but I still return to my cube every once in a while.

And that is a brief history of my cubing life. Enjoy my website!

My PB's:

Rubik's Cube

Single: 11.88

Ao5: 15.61

Ao12: 16.65

4x4x4 Cube
Single: 1:08.10
Ao5: 1:18.46

Ao12: 1:22.99

2x2x2 Cube
Single: 1.01 (4 move solution, as most 2x2 single PB's are)
Ao5: 3.70
Ao12: 4.59

Rubik's Cube: One-handed:
Single: 25.64
Ao5: 37.44

Ao12: 39.72


Single: 2:42.76

Ao5: 2:58.60

Ao12: 3:16.03

Single: 4.85
Ao5: 6.86
Ao12: 8.34

I also do a few other unofficial events. Here are my PB's for those:

2-3-4 Relay:
Single: 2:04.39
Ao5: 2:13.02

Ao12: 2:22.14

3x3 on 4x4:
Single: 24.06
Ao5: 27.65
Ao12: 31.67